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Mobile Protection

Protect both Android and iOS mobiles with our Mobile Protection software. Maintaining control over mobile devices is a fundamental aspect of modern cyber security. Don’t let mobile be your weakest link.


The line between work device and personal device is blurry.  We use our mobile devices to run daily business operations and to take care of personal matters.  These devices are continuously online which make them a target for cyber criminals.

Our Mobile Protection is a proactive, streamlined, full-coverage protection solution for your mobile devices.  It protects you against phishing attempts arriving through various social apps, protects employees from accessing harmful websites, blocks malware and keeps your business data safe….even on insecure network connections.

Mobile Protection

How TST Mobile Protection benefits your business

Everything you and your business needs to be safe and secure

Industry-leading Windows, Mac and Linux security

Protection against malware, trojans and backdoors

Cloud-based threat analysis power by big data and machine learning

Identification of zero-day attacks through heuristic and behavioural analysis

Multi-engine malware protection offering superior protection compared to traditional technologies

Browsing protection preventing end-users from visiting malicious sites

DataGuard provides detection of ransomware, and prevents destruction and tampering of data

Real-time threat intelligence for quick response to new threats as they emerge

When the VPN connection is active, mobile devices are automatically protected against malware and malicious content

The mobile VPN automatically encrypts traffic allowing employees to safely use public Wi-Fi and mobile networks

Designed to complement and be deployed via our MDM solution

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