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Analogue Switch Off

Analogue Switch Off

The analogue switch off will involve the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) landlines being switched off in 2025. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines will also be turned off at the same time.

The switch off will happen across the whole of the UK and will take place at the network level. All services that rely on PSTN will be affected, including: broadband, security alarms, EPOS systems, door entry systems, CCTV and faxes.

Although 2025 is a couple of years away, upgrades to your broadband connection in lots of cases, are available now. As 2025 approaches the number of businesses moving to digital only services will escalate and there could be a backlog of orders. This is why we recommend planning the switch over now.

Digital Connections

The digital connections that TST can provide are:

  • SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a data only connection and generally used in areas where FTTP is not available. If you need voice services as well, we can provide you with a VoIP service as part of the migration.
  • FTTP is the term for the supply of data services over fibre optic cable running between the local exchange and the end users premises. This technology replaces the need for copper cabling within the Openreach network.
  • Leased Lines are a dedicated data connection with a fixed bandwidth. It provides a fast, secure and efficient connection to the Internet. As it is dedicated to one premises, it isn’t shared which makes it very reliable and stable.

When migrating customers to digital connections, we manage the entire switch over process for you to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

If you would like to discuss the changeover process, or have any questions then give us a call (01244) 457870.

Analogue Switch Off

Analogue Switch Off