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IT Security during lockdown

IT Security during lockdown

We are seeing an increase in the volume of attempted cyber-attacks over the last few weeks, as criminals try to take advantage of the disruption that Coronavirus is causing to our daily lives. We are seeing reports of fake “information updates” around Coronavirus and other attempts taking advantage of the greater than normal usage of VPNs / home working, so please be extra vigilant during this time. There are a number of areas we have seen the attacks focused on


Phishing attacks – As always, do not click unknown links in e-mails or open unknown attachments. Use the following rules when handling email.


Do I know the sender? Hovering the mouse over the senders name will reveal the senders true email address

Was I expecting this email? If it’s something totally unexpected or out of the blue, treat with caution.


Coronavirus Updates – Many companies are circulating briefing notes on how they are addressing the Coronavirus situation from their business perspective. Please bear in mind when opening any update emails from your customers / suppliers that similar e-mails could be sent by criminals in an attempt to breach your security.


WhatsApp – We have seen a new type of attack recently where “fake” accounts are messaging and calling.The fake account is using a profile picture from publicly available sources like Linked-In, etc so the message / call seems genuine. Be extra vigilant and check the number that’s being used and if you are unsure, don’t respond or take the call.


Make sure that you mobile device has mobile security installed and enabled. Mobile phishing has seen an enormous growth this year.


Working from home – Remember that only devices that have up to date anti-virus, firewall and are authorised to access your corporate network should be accessing company data. Do not use free antivirus software on business devices.


IT Support – Having a support contract in place will prevent staff from wasting time dealing with technical issues, clear up any security concerns and the associated monitoring will make sure all devices are patched, up to date and secure.


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