Splashtop SOS

Splashtop is used to remotely access your computer.  It should be run from the computer that you want us to access.  Once installed it will provide you with a digit code – it is essential that the window that displays the code remains open.  Please follow the instructions below to install and run Splashtop SOS:

  1. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)
  2. In the address bar enter the URL sos.splashtop.com
  3. A small app with automatically download
  4. When the download completes, click on it to run the installation
  5. Once the installation completes. run the app
  6. A window will open and after a minute or two a 9 digit code will appear
  7. It is important that you keep the window open – if you close the window, we can’t connect
  8. Send us the 9 digit code and we will connect to your computer remotely