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Leased Lines

Leased Lines  are dedicated fibre connections.  Business leased lines give you bandwidth reserved exclusively for your organisation.  The connection is stable and never fluctuates….even during peak hours.  TST are experienced providers of leased line connectivity and we take the headache of getting the line installed and working.  

As a truly independent provider, TST can access leased lines from six wholesale suppliers.  We select the best speed and price for your location.  TST work with you to identify the best type of connection and features that will work for your business from failover options, MPLS, point-to-point or Internet Access.

leased line

What leased lines can do for your business

TST have access to six wholesale providers and can choose the best value connection for you

Dedicated high speed broadband - even in areas with poor connectivity options

Secure connection dedicated to your business

High levels of bandwidth that are constant with no fluctuations

Flexible speeds available up to 1Gbps

Fast response time with industry leading SLA

Make the best use of your teams time by freeing them from slow and unreliable broadband connections

Highly secure

Optimised performance and reliability

Our expert team take the hassle out of getting the line installed and set up

Help when you need it - no call centres or automated responses. Just real people dedicated to helping you and your business

Leased line connections provide high speed reliable connections available in 95% of locations in the UK.


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