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M2M Sims

Machine to Machinery (M2M) SIMs was created to streamline the way data is collected from devices and incorporated into IT systems, without human intervention.

We use ‘industrial grade’ SIM cards. Our rugged SIM cards can operate in more harsh environments and are more resistant to vibration, corrosion and extreme temperatures. We have various tarrifs with public Fixed IPs, as part of a Private APN or as L2TP tariffs. They are provisioned (activated, ceased, barred, unbarred) in real-time.

M2M SIMs are designed to be always-on and provide consistent performance. They are managed via our Mobile Manager portal that gives you clear sight and control of your entire mobile estate.

Our Multinet M2M SIMs provide un-steered access to multiple networks. These networks can be UK, EU and/or USA networks. For UK only M2M SIMs, we provide EE or Three tariffs.

KPN M2M EU roaming SIMs are designed for applications where it is critical to have an Internet connection available 24/7, even in situations where one or more mobile networks become unavailable. These SIM cards are unsteered and have no preferred network. They offer exceptional reliability and coverage and are easy to manage.


How M2M SIMs benefit your business:

Monitor generators, CCTV cameras and other equipment

Un-steered SIM options

30 day rolling contracts available

Rugged SIMs for tough environments

Managed through a web portal giving complete control

For more information about M2M SIMs and how to get started contact us here.