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Our Prey asset tracking and control service is a multi-os anti-theft, data security, and management platform. It allows you to keep track and control of your computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Control Zones to detect early when a device moves in or out of an area, battery-efficient Aware Tracking to find your device, and a hour-by-hour Location History to see where it has been.

Wipe data and folders remotely on a lost device, retrieve specific documents and salvage pictures, or encrypt your computer at a distance to maintain your privacy while you track it down.

Receive evidence reports on lost devices with locations, pictures, screenshots, nearby WiFis, and user data. React with actions like the remote screen-lock, anti-mute alarm, and message.


How TST Prey asset tracking & control benefits your business

Secure your business devices and data

Geofence assets to prevent them from moving offsite

Remote device lock prevents unauthorised access

Retrieve files remotely, wipe disks and encrypt on lost devices

Device tracking provides location information for lost devices

Retrieve remote reports that provide detailed information about a remote device

Send remote messages or activate an alarm on a device

Maintain data security and compliance on all devices

Deter theft and react to loss with automatic actions

Automate security based on time, location or zone

Retrieve critical data from a device even after it has been stolen

Retrieve files by direct download or email.....from stolen devices

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