SignNow Recipients

When you have created your document for signing and clicked ‘Invite to Sign’ this is what happens:

You will receive an email to say ‘You’ve sent a document signing invitation’ with details about who you send the document to and what the document was called.

The recipient will receive an email with the heading ‘You were invited to review and sign a document’.  This email will have a ‘View Document’ button. When the recipient clicks the ‘View Document’ button, the document will open.  A pop up box explains that they have been invited to fill out and sign the document with the number of places that they need to complete.  They need to click the ‘Get started’ button.

When the recipient clicks ‘Get started’ a ‘Start’ prompt appears. On clicking the ‘Start’, the arrow shows them where to enter information.

When they click in a signature field, they can either type their signature, draw it or upload an image of their handwritten signature.  They click ‘Sign’ to complete.

The status in your templates list will show the document as ‘Waiting to be signed’.  Once it has been signed, this will change to ‘Signers:1’

Once the information has been completed, the recipient clicks ‘Done’.

The document will be submitted and the page will show ‘You’ve filled out and signed the document’ and the ‘Get My Document Copy’ button. On clicking the button a copy of the document will download.

You will receive an email to let you know that the document has been signed.