Import Fields

Import Fields from one document to another one

We recommend using Import Fields to save time and avoid re-typing the same information on a document. If a document has been set up once with a set of fields for one or more signers, it is easy to copy those fields onto a new document.

For example, when using a standard contract that has slight edits whenever it is used, upload a general version of the contract to signNow, add fields, roles, and the signing order. Then, the next time the contract needs to be sent, make the edits in Word or your program of choice, upload it to signNow, open it in the main view, and select Import Fields from the dropdown under Settings.

Then, choose the original contract document from the first step, click Next, select the roles you’d like to import (please put the checkmarks everywhere, and on the right for each role choose the same Signer, e.g Signer 1 – that is important if you need for all fields to have the same role), and press Import Fields.

This will automatically import the roles and fields onto the new document.

No re-typing needed!