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Secure Business Email

We are aware that some email end users are experiencing the issue of sending emails which contains text and has attachments but when sent, displays the message 'This email has no content' in the body of the email.  There have been several suggestions as to the cause, one of which is, that when an email is sent from draft (ie if the email isn't sent...

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If you are using our Zimbra email service with Outlook, you need to do a manual update before March 4th 2020. Check your current version of Zimbra connector - if it is not 8.8.15 you need to follow the instructions below to do the update.   The current version of the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) contains a bug which means that auto update does not function...

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TST Business Email

What is Cloud Email? Quite simply, instead of running your email from an individual server located in your office (Such as Microsoft Small Business Server), cloud email is an alternative solution that stores your email online on a much larger server platform managed by a specialist provider like us.   s a cloud provider, we have many clients using the same infrastructure which improves our economies of scale. This means...

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Windows 10 mail is the included mail client released with the new operating system from Microsoft. This brief guide provides a tutorial on how to set up your email account in Mail for your account hosted by TST. If you have an email account with TST hosting you already know you can check your email through our WebMail. And you may know you can set up your computer to...

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Creating a Zimbra template allows you to send “form” messages without having to copy-n-paste or re-type the entire message repeatedly. This guide explains how you can save time and effort when using Zimbra.   1. Log in to Zimbra.   Creating an e-mail template   2. Open a new e-mail and enter descriptive Subject, i.e. product information* *If you use Zimbra in Conversation mode, you may want to add a word or phrase at the beginning of  the e-mail...

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