What’s the difference between document group templates and document groups?

The difference between document groups and document group templates is similar to the difference between documents and templates in signNow. That is, you can send out a document group only once, while document group templates are reusable.

Both document groups and document group templates allow you to work with multiple documents in one invitation, as well as invite separate signers to complete documents in a group. Each signer will see a checklist of documents they need to complete.

When a document group is completed, you as a sender can only download it and add your own content to the separate documents. When you send out a document group template, signNow generates a group copy that is distributed for signing while the group template remains editable. You can customise it for every particular case by editing templates, adding new ones, changing signer emails, and customising the signing order. You can also move a document group template to one of the shared folders.