Add your Hosted Exchange Mail Account

Add your email account to Outlook by using autodiscover.  Follow these instructions:

    1. With Outlook open, click File
    2. Select Add Account
    3. Add the following details:

Your Name: [your name as you would like it to appear to your recipients]

Email Address: [Your full email address]

Password: [The password that we supplied to you]

Retype Password: [Enter your password again]

4. Click the Next button

5. The configuration box will appear and show ‘Establishing network connection’

6. Once step 5 has successfully completed and the process moves to ‘Searching for [email address] settings, a box will appear requesting the login details for the account. Enter the login details and select ‘Remember My Credentials’. Click OK. NB: If the username is incorrect, please select ‘More Choices’ and enter the username and password.

7. The next step in the process is ‘Logging on to the mail server’.  If you have added the correct credentials in step 6, this step will complete successfully

8. Click Finish

9. Restart Outlook