Remote Support

There are several ways that we can provide remote support to you. A remote session will provide us with access to your computer and allow us to take control to resolve issues and make configuration changes.  Please see the ways in which you can initiate a remote desktop session below:

TST Support Connect

In your web browser go to the TST Support Connect page

Call us on 01244 457870 and ask for a remote session code

Enter the code in the text box on the TST Support Connect page and click the ‘Join’ button

A small app will download within a couple of seconds.  When the app has downloaded, click it and let the app run.

Once the app has run, we will be connected to your computer

Live Chat

You can do a live chat session with us to ask IT support questions.

From a web browser, visit the Support Chat page on our website

Click the ‘Live Chat’ button on the page to begin your support chat session

Enter your name and click the ‘Chat’ button. The chat session will begin

Enter your message(s) in the text box and click the ‘Send’ button

Click the ‘End’ button when you want to terminate the chat session

If necessary, we can initiate a remote support session from within the live chat. You will see an invitation to start a remote desktop session. Click the link to start the remote session – please note that a remote session will not start until you authorise it.

Always on

If we have remotely accessed your PC in the past and we have given you the option to allow our ‘Always on’ connection, we will be able to connect with no further input from you. Generally, users who are on a support contract will have an ‘Always on’ connection.

We will only connect, using this method, if we have been asked to provide a remote desktop session to help you or if a remote connection has been organised.