Installing Unity Desktop (Windows)

Download the Unity Desktop app

Once the app has downloaded, click it to start the installer

Click Next on the install window to begin the process

Accept the licence agreement and click Next

Select the installation location and click Next

Click Next to begin the installation process

On completion click OK to complete the process

Your PC desktop will have an icon called ‘Unity Desktop’

Click the icon to start the application

Running Unity for the first time

When the app opens, a message will appear ‘Authentication details have not yet been provided or are incomplete.  Please enter this information.’

Click OK

A window will open with ‘Authentication’ selected

We will have provided you with the authentication details.  Enter the Login ID and Password in the window.  If you do not have your details or need help, please call (01244) 457870. The format of the login ID will be extn [extension number]@[company domain] for example Click OK

The Unity Desktop app will open and will be ready to use.