Allow public upload

You can share a folder with a user outside of your business and allow them to upload files. A folder can be created specifically for someone to upload their files which will automatically sync onto your PC and/or server (if you have the file sync client installed). To allow public uploads, follow these instructions:

Once the folder has been created, look to the right and click ‘Share’

The Share drop down box will appear, select the ‘Share Link’ option and select ‘Allow Public Upload’

Copy the link (make sure you select the full link rather than the portion you can see – you may have to drag right to select it all)

Send an email to the person that you want to share the folder with and include the link that you copied in the previous step

When they click the link, the folder will open in a browser.  They will only be able to see and access the specific folder (and any sub folders that are contained within the shared folder) that you have shared with them. At the top of the page is an up arrow which, when selected, allows a file to be uploaded to the folder.