The Cloud Sync Client Installation

You can synchronise files in a local folder to your cloud storage automatically. This means that when you put a document in your cloud sync folder locally, it will automatically upload to the cloud server. Also, any document that has been uploaded to the cloud server will download to your local folder.By this method, you can have access to your documents on any (and all) of your devices.

Once you have logged into your DataDrop account, you will see a window that offers the download of the sync client. If the window doesn’t appear, you can access it by clicking the ‘Sync Clients’ option from the left side menu.

Select the option for your operating system i.e. Windows or Mac OS X

Once the software has downloaded, click to begin the install process

There may be attempts from your operating system to stop the install process. You will need to ignore any warnings or bypass any attempts to stop the install process.

You will see the setup wizard start screen, click Next

The next page will ask you to select the components of the application that you want to install. Click Next

The Program Destination install folder will be shown on the next page of the wizard, click Install

Once the installation has completed, you will need to enter the path of the local folder that will be used to synchronise with the cloud server. It will offer to create a folder called ‘desktopsync’ but you can change the name and location.

You will need to enter the username and password for your DataDrop account to complete the process.

The sync process will start automatically and files will be transferred in both directions without any further intervention.

Changes to the behaviour and settings of the sync client can be made at any point by opening the sync client interface.