Adding an out of office or Autoresponder message on the mailserver means that your response is returned to any emails without the need for leaving a computer online whilst you are away. This is how to set your Autoresponder message:

Log in to your Control Panel here:

Once you are logged in, select ‘Autoresponders‘ in the Email panel

Enter the Email Address that you would like the Autoresponder set for

Enter an Email Subject

Select the Content type format from the drop down menu – either plain text or html

Enter the Message in the text box

Choose if you would like messages to be forwarded to another email address when they arrive

Enter a date that you would like the message to Enable on

Enter a date that you would like the message to Disable on

Click the Create button to save your selections

If you would like the message to be active immediately, deselect the box in the Disable column.