Phone Configuration

  1. Press the OK button on your phone and make a note of the IP address
  2. Open the web browser on your PC and enter the IP address in the address bar
  3. Enter the phone login information in the username and password box.  The default on a new phone is Username: admin and Password: admin
  4. Once you have logged in, select the ‘Account’ tab
  5. On the ‘Line Active’ drop down, select ‘Enabled’
  6. For the ‘Label’ and ‘Display name’ enter the name of the person using the deskphone
  7. The ‘Register name’ and ‘Username’ will have been provided to you and will be in a format similar to this:  testuser1
  8. The ‘Server Host’ is
  9. The ‘Enable Outbound Proxy Server’ should be set to ‘Enabled’
  10. The ‘Outbound Proxy Server 1’ should be:
  11.  Click the ‘Confirm’ button and the ‘Registered Status’ at the top of the page should say ‘Registered’
  12. Select the ‘Advanced’ menu item on the top left of the page under the ‘Accounts’ tab
  13. Next to Voice Mail enter: voicemail
  14. Click ‘Confirm’
  15. On the ‘Settings’ tab of the phone menu, click the ‘Time & Date’ sidebar item and set the Time Zone to, Daylight Saving Time as ‘Automatic’, Location as ‘United Kingdom, London’, click the ‘Confirm’ button
  16. Select the ‘Security’ tab and create a new password, click the ‘Confirm’ button.