User engaged notification

It is possible to show the status of other phone users on your network.  For example, if you have an incoming call and you would like to transfer the call to another user – it is useful to know if the intended recipient is busy on another call.  This feature is called ‘Busy Lamp Field’ or ‘BLF’.  Here’s how to set it up:

Log in to the phone web interface

Select the ‘DSSkey’ tab

Next to one of the unused lines, click the drop down field and select BLF

In the ‘Value’ field, enter the shortcode for phone extension that you want to monitor

In the ‘Label’ field enter the information to display on your phone screen e.g. ‘user X status’

Click the ‘Confirm’  button

Once configured, you will see the status on the screen (depending on the model of phone)

On the Yealink T48G the status will look like this: