Time Based Routing

Calls can be routed to a different number(s) at different times of the day.  This is ideal for any business wanting to divert calls out of office hours.  Follow the instructions below or watch our video tutorial ‘How to set up a out of hours schedule

  1. Log into end user portal : https://eup.fuse2.net
  2. Select ‘Routing’
  3. Select ‘Add Route’ on the right hand side
  4. Give the Route a name eg Day time or OOH(out of hours)
  5. Select ‘Received at these times’
  6. Select ‘My office hours’ or choose ‘Nights & weekends’, depending on your requirements
  7. Use the mouse to drag the cursor over the selected days and times you want to route the calls, then click save your selection
  8. Ensure that ‘Received at THESE TIMES’ is selected on the left column
  9. Now ‘Select RING THESE NUMBERS’ in the Route section of the left side column
  10. On the right side of the page, add either DDIs or extension numbers of the phones you want to ring.. you can also add any other number even if it is not on the system (such as a mobile number)
  11. Once you have added the numbers click ‘Save’ and then select the number of rings you would like before routing elsewhere (we recommend 9 rings)
  12. If you wish the call to go to Voicemail if no one answers then ensure the ‘Send to Voicemail’ option is selected near the bottom of the left side column
  13.  Click Save Route on the top right of the page