Adding an Out of Office

Adding an Out of Office message via webmail means that an automatic response is sent to received emails without the need to leave a computer powered on.  Here’s how to set up an out of office automatic responder:

Log into Zimbra web interface here:

Click the Preference tab

On the left side menu, select ‘Out of Office

Click the radio button labelled ‘Send auto-reply message

In the ‘Auto-Reply Message‘ text box, enter the message that you would like email senders to receive.

You can choose to send different messages to internal and external senders.  Use the ‘External Senders‘ drop down box to choose how you want to handle this.

Optionally, you set the Time Period that you would like the message to be active and choose if you want ‘Calendar Appointment‘ to show that you are ‘Out of Office‘ or ‘Busy

Once the selections are made, click ‘Save‘ on the top left of the screen