Sharing your Zimbra Calendar

Zimbra lets you share your calendar with other users. You can set different levels of access so that others can view, manage or have admin access.  Follow the steps below to share your calendar

  1. Login to your Zimbra Account.
  2. Select the Preferences tab.
  3. From the Preferences menu on the left-hand side of the page, click the Sharing link.
  4. At the bottom of the page under the Folders shared by me heading, select the Folder type drop down menu and click Calendar.
  5. Click the Share button and choose the calendar you wish to share.
  6. Once you have done this, a Share Properties dialog will pop up.
  7. From the Share Properties pop up, select the type of individual you wish to share with (Internal, External or Public). Then select the Role you wish to allow the individual(s). Select whether you want to include the standard message, or compose a custom message for the share. Then click the OK button.
  8. The individual(s) you have shared your calendar with will receive a message indicating that the new share is available to them. They need to click ‘Accept’ to have access to the calendar.

We can also add a company shared calendar.  Get in touch if you need a company calendar shared with colleagues.

Permission to a calendar share can be revoked at any time by clicking the Revoke link under the share listed in Preferences > Sharing