Create application specific passwords

Step 1

Login to Webmail with your current password

Step 2

Go to Preferences -> Accounts -> Primary Account Settings and
Go to ‘Applications’ above Password Recovery Account Settings:

Step 3

Click the ‘Add Application Code’ button

Step 4

Enter a name for your device in the ‘Application Name:’ field

Step 5

Click on the ‘Next’ button

Step 6

Make a note of the Application Passcode

When using your device for the first time, you will need to enter this passcode to sign in to Webmail, without needing to use two-step authentication.

Step 7

Click on the ‘Close’ button

The device has now been added

If you loose your device and want to remove the device passcode

Step 1

Click on the device name

Step 2

Click the ‘Revoke Code’ button to remove your device’s passcode.