Zimbra Outlook Connector

To access and sync with the Zimbra Collaboration Server with Outlook for offline use install
the Zimbra Connector for Outlook. It is a MAPI service provider that is installed on the users

There are two versions; the 64bit and x86 version. The correct version to install depends on the
version of Outlook that is installed.

Once installed it must be configured. Open Control Panel and select Mail. When the Outlook
accounts dialogue box opens the Zimbra Collaboration Server account will be present. Select
‘Change’ to modify the settings.

Enter the following information:

Server Name: zimbra.protectedservice.net
Email address: [user@domain.co.uk] ← This should be your full email address
Password: [Your password] ← Given to you when your account was set up

Click OK

Close the open dialogue boxes and open Outlook. Depending on the amount of data in your
account, it will take a few minutes to do an initial synchronisation. You will see a message when the
synchronisation has completed.

Zimbra Feature Differences for Outlook Users

Zimbra Collaboration Suite offers account configuration by Class of Service and by account. When
the client uses Outlook, many of the features and options configured for the Zimbra account are not
enforced in Outlook. Only restrictions that are controlled by the server are enforced.
Users can configure their own Outlook preferences. These are not synchronized with the Zimbra

Zimbra COS features and Global Settings that are enforced include the following:

  • Account quotas. Users can use Outlook Archiving to save files to their computer to prevent going over their quota limit. Archiving removes the messages from the Zimbra server.
  • Password rules including password length, age, history
  • Address book size limit
  • GAL access
  • Session token lifetime
  • Server Pool set up
  • Email message lifetime
  • Trash and spam message lifetime
  • Reject messages with specified attachment extension. You cannot disable attachment viewing.
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus rules

When you view an account’s mailbox from the administration console, the view is from the Zimbra
Web Client and may not contain files in Outlook that have not been synchronized.

Note: When items are archived in Outlook (Outlook auto archive or manually), the items are
removed from the Zimbra server.

In addition, the following Zimbra features do not work in Outlook.

  • The Outlook Rules and Alerts feature does not work with the Zimbra server. But, if users created
    filter rules from the Zimbra Web Client, they are enforced. Users cannot use Outlook to view or
    change these rules.
  • Out of Office Reply is not available from Outlook. Users can log on to the Zimbra Web Client to
    set up and turn off their out-of-office alerts.
  • Search folders created in the Zimbra Web Client do not synchronize to Outlook.