Create, import and export contacts list

If you want to create a new contact, look at the top of the page and you will see contacts which you will need to click

Once clicked, you will be taken to the following page

From here, you will need to click New Contact to create a new contact

It will take you to the next page

From here, you will need to fill out the fields to your liking

On the right hand side you will notice this

The drop down menu lets you decide how you want to order your contacts

Once you have picked your desired order, click the button at the bottom labelled contacts

Once clicked, this pop up will appear

In this box, type in your desired folder name then click ok at the bottom. If you already have a named folder you created in the past and want the new contact to be saved in that folder, all you have to do is click that folder name (once clicked, it should highlight a peach colour) and then click ok like so

You can also add an image to your contact by clicking on the default image on the left. Once you’ve clicked it, look through your files to find the appropriate picture.

Once you are happy with the creation, click Save located on the top left

Your contact is now saved into your contacts list


If you want to either import or export your contacts list, you will need to click on Preferences on the top

To import contacts, you will first need to export it from your other mail service (such as Outlook or Yahoo) and save it as a CSV file. Once you have done this, in the import section, click Choose File

You need to choose the CSV file from your saved files once the windows pops up, and double click the file

The file will be shown on the page shown below

You can leave the Type to Auto-Detect to make things easier. If you click on the Destination folder, you can choose which folder you want to put the contacts in. You can also make a new folder to put the contacts into. Once done, click ok and click the import button to the right


Underneath the import section, there is an export section

Select the Contacts just underneath the heading and a drop down menu will appear

In the Source section, select the folder you wish to export then click Export to the right