Creating email templates

Creating a Zimbra template allows you to send “form” messages without having to copy-n-paste or re-type the entire message repeatedly. This guide explains how you can save time and effort when using Zimbra.

1. Log in to Zimbra.

Creating an e-mail template

2. Open a new e-mail and enter descriptive Subject, i.e. product information*

*If you use Zimbra in Conversation mode, you may want to add a word or phrase at the beginning of the e-mail Subject when first created that will be removed before sending. For example, the subject in Step 2 might read “ERASE THIS product information.” The reason for this is that, in Zimbra‘s Conversation mode, sometimes unrelated messages are threaded together based on similar subjects. Even though Edit as New creates a separate instance of the message, you may find copies of messages you send connected to your template. This does not effect how the template works; it just adds clutter in your Templates folder. If you choose to use this method, simply remove the word or phrase (i.e. ERASE THIS) from the subject before sending.

3. In the body, type the message as you normally would. If the message contains customised information such as the recipient’s name or event dates and locations, leave labelled “blanks” where this information will be inserted. EXAMPLE: You are registered for the webinar on [day, date, time].

4. Send the message to yourself at your address.

5. In Zimbra Mail, create an e-mail folder entitled Templates (or some other term that makes sense to you). This will be used to store all of your “forms.”

6. When the e-mail arrives, move it to the Templates folder. The e-mail template is ready to use.

Using an e-mail template

7. Open the Templates folder and right click on the desired message in the list. (You do not need to open the message.)

8. Select Edit as New from the drop-down menu; this opens a new instance of the message. Replace any labelled blanks with customized information. The original “form” remains in the Templates folder for future repeated use.

9. Change the TO: field to the recipient’s address! If you don’t, you will send the message to yourself.

Sharing e-mail templates

To enable another person to use the e-mail templates you have created, share the Templates folder with the person at the Manager level. The person will start with Step 5 to use an existing template. The Sender of any messages generated this way will display as “From [actual sender] on behalf of [folder’s owner].” This works well when you share responsibilities with a co-worker.