Appointments and Meeting Invitations

Scheduling an appointment

You can schedule meetings and appointments from any view except Preferences. You can schedule an appointment for yourself, or you can schedule a meeting and invite attendees.

Scheduling a single meeting from the Appointment page

1. In any view except Preferences, on the toolbar click the arrow on and select Appointment.

2. In the Details sections, enter the following:

The From field displays if you created more than one persona for your account. Select the identity to use when creating this appointment.

The Subject field is required. This becomes the description in the calendar.

The Location field can be used to describe the location of the meeting, such as giving an address, building number, floor number. Open the Find Location tab to find and reserve a room that is listed in your company’s directory. These locations have been created as resource accounts by your system administrator and can be reserved.

The Show as selection determines if this appointment displays as free, tentative, busy, or out of office on the Schedule Attendees page.

Mark as lets you mark the message as private or public.

If you have multiple calendars, select which calendar is setting up the event from the Calendar menu

3. In the Time section, set the meeting date and time. Enter the Start date or click the down arrow to display a calendar and pick a date. Select the End date. Select the reminder notification. Attendees will be reminded of this meeting based on the time you set here.

4. Enter the names of the attendees. You can enter attendee names in any of the following ways:

• In the Attendees text field, type the email addresses, separating addresses by a semicolon (;). Names in your Contact list matching what you type are displayed as you type.

• To see the free/busy schedules for attendees, click the Schedule tab. As you enter attendees’ names and email addresses, if attendees’ schedules are known, availability appears in horizontal bars next to the names. Return to the Appointment tab when the attendee’s list is complete. (Zimbra accounts only)

When Request Responses is checked, you will receive email notification when attendees accept or decline your meeting request. If you do not want to receive the responses, click the checkbox to remove the check.

When Send Notification Mail is checked, when you click save, an email is sent to the attendees list. Send Notification Mail gives you the option to make changes to a meeting without notifying all the attendees of the change.

5. Use the Text field to add additional information to include in the email. To add attachments, click Add Attachments on the tool bar.

6. Click Save. An email invitation is sent to all attendees and the appointment is displayed in their calendars