Save email searches and filters

For frequent email searches, it is possible to save time and effort by creating a search and saving it.

  1.  Login to the webmail interface
  2. In the top right search bar enter the folder(s) or search key words that you want to search for.  For example, a folder called  ‘test’ would show as ‘in: test’
  3. If you want to refine your search, select the options from the left side ‘Advanced Filters’ menu.  For example, to search for unread emails in a folder you would select Status > Unread
  4. At the top of the page, you will see in the search bar the search syntax.  For exampls ‘in: test is: unread’
  5. To the right of the search bar is the Save button, click Save
  6. The ‘Save Search’ box will appear. Enter a name for your search and click OK
  7. Close the Search tab and return to the Mail tab.  On the left side menu in the ‘Searches’ section you will see your saved search.  Select the search to use it