Setting up a Password Recovery Email Account

Setting up a Password Recovery Email Account

The email you setup in the following process will be used to send you a password reset link if you need to reset your password in the future.

Step 1

If you are not already logged into Webmail, login to Webmail with your current Zimbra username and password

Step 2

and Go to Preferences -> Accounts -> Primary Account Settings and scroll down to Password Recovery Account Settings:

Step 3

In the ‘Email:’ field – Enter a secondary email address (which is different to your Zimbra one) to set as your password recovery email and click the ‘Add Recovery email’ button. It’s important that you use an email address you trust and will have access to if you ever forget your Zimbra password as it will be used to send you a password reset link.

Step 4

Copy the validation code sent to your recovery email address and paste your validation code into the ‘Enter Code:’ field

NOTE: you may have to move the cursor left and right inside the validation code field to activate the ‘Verify Code’ button. When it’s active click the ‘Verify Code’ button.

Step 5

Your password recovery email address has now been validated.

That’s how you add a password recovery email address to your webmail account.

NB: If you wish to change your password recovery email address for any reason, click on the ‘Reset Recovery Email’ button and that will start the process again from scratch.